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Are you looking for small boats in Miami? You are in  the right page, so give us a call and REGAL 45, 2020 with 
2 cabins will be yours. Do not hesitate to ask our help, in order to make a VIP party or a special event. Billionaire Club provides the most lavish services in Florida!

2 cabins

Outdoor living room


2 bathrooms

Indoor living room

Charter Prices

  • From  1,900/Half Day
  • From  2,500/Full Day
  • From  -/Week
  • Yacht
  • - guests
  • 2
  • Builder: Regal
  • Location: Miami, FL, USA
  • Guests: -
  • Boat type: Boat
  • WI-FI: Yes
  • Cabins: 2
  • Speed: -
  • Length: 45ft
  • Depth: -
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Refit: -
  • Year: 2020
  • Beam: -
Bimini Cuba Florida Jamaica Miami


Miami, FL, USA

Tour Location

Luxury yachting experience

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys, located just south of Miami, is home to over 40 islands connected by the Overseas Highway. Cruise to the Keys for a relaxing week long vacation beneath the sun, with an umbrella drink in hand and a relaxed mindset. Or dive in unknown waters and exploring shipwrecks and coral reefs, or simply island hopping and savouring the local seafood and art galleries before enjoying a world-famous sunset. With its tropical beaches, unbelievable snorkeling and scuba diving sites, rich history, culture, and national treasures, the Florida Keys is truly the perfect place to unplug and leave the rest of the world behind.


Located just a few hours from Miami by water, Bimini is ideal for a weekend getaway. Despite being only 7 miles long, the islands are a haven for divers and snorkelers looking to get up close to dolphins, underwater shipwrecks and more. Along with being known for its laid back lifestyle, white sandy beaches and beautiful nature trails, Bimini also possesses a rich culture and history and is home to many landmarks accessible only by boat, such as the Bimini Road, and Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth.

Bimini Cuba Florida Jamaica Miami



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Bimini Cuba Florida Jamaica Miami